selections from "a manifesto: non sequiturs of a millennial"

  1. everything can be anything if you phrase it as such.​

  2. the spark of creativity is found in the darkness of the shower.

  3. dryness should not be mistaken for absence.

  4. colloquial idiosyncrasies have no basis in human nature.

  5. the cesspool of millennial anarchy is found on

  6. everything happens for a reason: do not be afraid of your constantly changing form. your skin will grow back eventually.

  7. attempting to relate to others is the worst way to meet people.

  8. if you've lost intention and principle, play a round of solitaire.

  9. looking towards the past degrades the future in a way similar to the inefficacy of walking backwards to a destination.

  10. force yourself to climb the stairs slowly to activate the loophole in your limits.

  11. answering your own questions usually means you are lying to yourself. truth lies beyond logical and cognitive fallacies.

  12. shadows are harsher and darker in the presence of a bright light.

  13. sitting up straight is difficult and makes you look falsely put together.

  14. tl;dr this was a meaningless exercise.